The Omet 400T regeneration work is finished: the machine has left our workshop to continue its sheet metal stamping activity.


Innovation in sheet metal forming

Despite the advent of covid19, sheet metal processing in metalworking sector  has been steadily increasing in recent years. One of the reasons is that there is a growing awareness of the benefits they can bring in terms of structural efficiency, environmental sustainability and cost reduction. 

used presses

At Omet the sales service of used presses is always active, thanks to regeneration operations both on own production presses and presses of other brands.

Within the last month our operational team at Omet has taken care of the overhaul and regeneration of a 160 tons Cotelli press with supply and connection of a new strip feeding line that is going to be supplied to one of our most relevant foreign client.
In addition to the design and production of mechanical and hydraulic presses and maintenance and overhaul services, we also sell used presses.

complete moulding plant by omet

A few days ago a whole moulding plant was delivered to one of our historical clients.

His main goal is to extend the business’ activities through the diversification of the production materials with the support of the moulding system designed by OMET.

Below you can find the main technical features of the press:

press maintenance

Each maintenance request has its specific solution.

This is why we also manage press maintenance looking for a solution for every situation.

The long experience of our technical teams allows them  to intervene effectively on all presses, even those not built by our company

This helps the customer to more easily manage the control operation  of the production phases entrusting it to a single supplier.

spare parts for presses

When you decide to invest in a new machine to improve your production capacity, you evaluate some important parameters.

One of these parameters is to rely on a supplier that always has spare parts in a short time .

This is a competitive advantage both for us and for the customer who chooses our company.

A warehouse always supplied with spare parts for presses

In our factory in Macerata an entire sector is occupied by the warehouse from which we pick up parts both for the construction of new presses , so as to speed up the assembly, and for the timely supply of spare parts to our customers.

Since 1979 production and sales of eccentric presses. Services of technical assistance and regeneration of used machinery. Italy and Poland. P.IVA 00390410439

P.IVA 00390410439


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