press maintenance

Each maintenance request has its specific solution.

This is why we also manage press maintenance looking for a solution for every situation.

The long experience of our technical teams allows them  to intervene effectively on all presses, even those not built by our company

This helps the customer to more easily manage the control operation  of the production phases entrusting it to a single supplier.

spare parts for presses

When you decide to invest in a new machine to improve your production capacity, you evaluate some important parameters.

One of these parameters is to rely on a supplier that always has spare parts in a short time .

This is a competitive advantage both for us and for the customer who chooses our company.

A warehouse always supplied with spare parts for presses

In our factory in Macerata an entire sector is occupied by the warehouse from which we pick up parts both for the construction of new presses , so as to speed up the assembly, and for the timely supply of spare parts to our customers.

press for household appliances industry

In the last few months we have built  a new 300 ton mechanical press for a multinational company operating in the appliance industry.

Before showing you in more details its peculiarities ,listed below find its technical characteristics:

  • Press thrust : 3000 (kn)
  • Working table dimension: 2200x1300 (mm)
  • Stroke: 400 mm
  • Variable speed: from 10 to 30 ( strokes per minute)
  • Maximum height of the closed mold : 700 (mm)


exemplary swan-neck presses omet

C-frame presses are machines with a “C” shaped structure commonly used for small/ medium seized processes.

If properly maintained, these presses guarantee a duration of several decades and represent an excellent investment for companies. 

How the C-Frame presses works

The operation of the machine is traditional and rather simple : in fact it is based on the accumulation of kinetic energy created by flywheel rotated by  the electric motor through trapezoidal rubber belts.

200 ton hydraulic  press

A few day ago we finished the construction and testing of the first H-series. As the abbreviation suggests, it is an hydraulic press which will be used for drawing work in the cooking sector.

Below we show you the technical characteristics of the machine:

-tonnage 200

-distance bed to ram at the T.D.C.:  750 (mm)

-speed of fast approach: 300 (mm)

Since 1979 production and sales of eccentric presses. Services of technical assistance and regeneration of used machinery. Italy and Poland.


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