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Hydraulic presses for OMET

Hydraulic or Oleodynamic presses are used for deep and light embossing to work special metallic parts which require a pression regulation and the maintaining of it for a given period of time.

This machines are used for example in forming processes.

The use of this kind of press is common in production sectors of cooking appliances, clouts, automotive parts, household appliances and bottoms for tanks and heater. 

OMET hydraulic presses are equipped with a great deal of optional which make them so versatile that can be used in many industrial sectors.

For example customers such as Indesit (Whirlpool group), CBI Europe and GLM choose our hydraulic presses for their working, being sure to use to use presses really strong and reliable.

We want to describe to you their three main technical features.


Quick die changing

OMET thinks that a quick die changing is an important competitive advantage for our customers.

With more speed, the efficiency of the production processes is improved with a considerable cost savings.

Our hydraulic presses are equipped with many and easy to use devices for quick die changing like:

  • T-trak
  • Both sides movement
  • Left- Right movement.



The second feature is the duration. All of our press structures are built to last so you can have a natural obsolescence next to nothing.

We use special treatments and the most common FEM analysis to give the structure the strength necessary to resist production processes and wear of the years.



The choice of an hydraulic press for a particolar process is due to the need to have machined pieces extremely precise.

The search for this requirement finds answer in our hydraulic presses.

The cutting-edge techonology combined with our more than 40 years manufacturer experience in the press sector allows us to create presses extremely precise and suitable to all kind of work.

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