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Mechanical presses according to OMET

After showing the characteristics of hydraulic presses, OMET journey goes on discovering the different types of compression machines, with a focus on mechanical presses.

Mechanical presses are perfect for sheet metal working such as blanking and punching.

They are employed for the creation of metal details destined to automotive industrial sectors, domestic appliances, furniture and electronics.

The machine works on the basis of the accumulation of kinetic energy obtained by means of a flywheel which is rotated by the electric motor through rubber trapezoidal belts.

The flywheel, by means of a pneumatically controlled brake-clutch unit, is connected to the moving part of the machine (bat) through a transmission system.

This consists of a double chain of reduction gears which drive a couple of connecting (o piston) rods, allowing the bar to have an alternative rectilinear motion.

 When the stroke occurs the flywheel gives away part of its energy for the processing of the material and, as a consequence, it undergoes a slowing down in its rotation speed.

The electric motor, in the interval between two shots, regains the normal angular speed and therefore the kinetic energy.

 The machines then supply mechanical energy for the workpiece processing throgh the thrust of the bat and its simultaneous movement towards the reported surface on which the molds are mounted.

Since 1979, OMET has been producing high precision presses thanks to particular slideway guides and special structural treatments to guarantee not only structure endurance but also minimum deformation under load.

Companies such as Elica, Raicam, Valmex Group, Indesit and Best have chosen our machines for their molding lines.


 The three main characteristics of OMET mechanical presses are the following:


 1) Versatility

 Thanks to the know-how of almost 40 years and the use of the latest technology, we provide the customers with different types of kinematics, to better fit our presses to all processes:

 • Knee-bred Cinematism

• Connecting rod-crank with fixed or adjustable stroke

• Link-Power

• Power-Esa


2) First-class components

 All the components and the sensitive organs of our machines undergo special procedures to make them resistant to vibrations, high temperatures and forces triggered during production processes. The provided size of the components allows for the physiological wear and tear of time and use.

The accuracy used in the production of the slide guides makes our machines suitable for deforming thick steel with a high coefficient of resistance.


3) Maximum customization

OMET mechanical presses are highly customizable.

In addition to the large number of available options, our technical department is able to adapt the presses according to requirements: board size, stroke values, passage lights, safety systems, transfers and complete lines.

 We are also able to operate in such a way that the machines can be positioned in specific structures where a small size of the same is required.

This is the reason why a catalogue of standard presses is not available.


ingranaggio pressa meccanica asse eccentrico e asse secondo rinvio

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