Why is the maintenance of the machine tools important?

The maintenance of the tools machines is often carried out because of needs related to production process and time, but in a perfunctory way it is not carried out at all.

The lack of maintenance not only makes inefficient the machines, but also causes sudden breakdowns and dangerous accidents that can put operators’ lives at risk.

About 20% of accidents are caused by the malfunctioning of tools machines that could be avoided with routine checks.

The maintenance of the machines makes them suitable for legal directives.

The three main types of operating procedures are ordinary maintenance, extraordinary maintenance and the scheduled one.


The ordinary maintenance

Its aim is to prevent the components of a certain machine from being brought to the limit of their use.

In this way dangerous accidents for the operators of the machine are avoided.
This type of maintenance includes lubrication, regulation and calibration of all the components , used in the movements of the machine.

The worn components are replaced and the filtering systems are checked and, in the case of presses, the gears of the bat are replaced too.


The extraordinary maintenace

The extraordinary maintenance is carried out following breakdowns that prevent the machinery from working properly.

It is the most expensive because of the cost of the labor and of the components.

After an analysis of the problem, the components are replaced so as to make the machinery operational again.



The scheduled maintenance

The scheduled maintenance is carried out ,taking into account the production cycles.

It is mainly used to avoid production stops and sudden breakdowns causing machine downtime in some sectors particularly important of the production.

The company schedules the periods to stop the machines so as qualified technicians can check the machines and carry out the ordinary maintenance.



Omet maintenance

We consider customer assistance very important after the purchase of our products and we try to provide a high quality service.

Our maintenance is precise, fast and efficient. Thanks to our experience as a manufacturer of presses, our qualified technicians have developed considerable problem solving skills and are able to promptly identify the cause of the fault.We can reach our customers within 48 hours from the call.Our technicians are able to carry out maintenance operations all over the world thanks to the means at our disposal.

Their controls are scrupulous; they analyze the whole machine so as to advise the customer the best solution for him.

At the end the customer is informed in detail about the operations performed and the solutions adopted. He is advised how to prevent the cause of the fault to avoid it may happen again.

It’s important the customers can feel comfortable about their machines.


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