Used machines but only if properly overhauled

Machines tools are particularly expensive and for this reason the trade of used machinery is time after time increasing.

The presses are no exception: if they are well maintained and checked, they may prove to be a very good investment.

However, it is necessary to pay close attention to the condition of the machine: many companies are often attracted by low costs and well re-painted machines that hide very serious problems of working inside their body.

These problems, if not found before purchase, may cause the spending of large amounts of money to solve them or, at worst, to demolish the machinery.

It’s very important to buy machines from dealer who can guarantee and adequate control of the machine’s operating conditions.

The initial investment may seem higher but surely the buyer will have a controlled, overhauled, long- lasting machine to be used in the first production cycles.

Only in this occasion used machinery can be considered a good investment.


What must be controlled in used presses 

The elements suffering greater wear are those put through vibrations and stress caused by the operating machine.

We must not forget to control the electrical elements and the engine.

Other fundamental elements to check are the heating and safety system to avoid dangerous accident for the machine operators.

It is important also to know in which kind of production the overhauled machine was used before the purchase.


What must be checked in used presses

OMET company sells used machines. These machines are checked and the most worn elements are replaced or completely rebuilt.

We control the internal and external structure of our machines to identify any buckles or cracks.

If the press was so old that it did not have the safety system required by law, we can implement them with state-of-the-art elements. 

In this way we submit the machine to a real revamping and we can provide the buyers with the concerning documents.

If you are looking for a used press, take a look at the “used” section of our website.


Swan neck press revised and ready for sale
Swan neck press revised and ready for sale


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