M-Series and H-Series: new names for our latest types of presses in 2019

We consider 2019 a very important year because we celebrate 40 years of activity in the press sector and on the occasion of this anniversary we have important news.

We have decided to give a name to our most important production lines: H-Series and M-Series. The first abbreviation will identify the range of  Omet hydraulic presses, while  the second one the mechanical presses.

Both C-shaped or “swan- neck”  ( HC/MC-series) or double-riser variations HDS/MDS-series) will be available.
At your request we will be able to build special machines for particular needs.

Thanks to the attribution of the acronyms it will be easier and more immediate to identify our products. From the acronyms it will be possible to recognize the characteristics of the machine in case of ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.


Maximum attention to details

Our attention to the details is not new and it has distinguished us since the beginning of our activity; however it is very important to emphasize  how we try to build extremely rigid presses every year, paying attention to details.

Only in this way we can creat high quality products, appreciated all over the world for 40 years

The continuous collaboration with our most trusted suppliers, who are involved in the design phase, allows us to create engineering solutions for every need.

Last but not least our Kit 4.0 has been updated.

New graphic layouts

The MY2019 models of Omet presses will have new colours in compliance with current legislation , using environmentally friendly and less toxic paints.

The structure has been modernized keeping the functional standards unchanged.


Our partnership with Siemens

We have strengthened our partnership with Siemens by making available to our customers a greater number of machine components as optional equipment to guarantee quality and durability.

Thanks to the  widespread Siemens distribution centers, we can supply our customers with the  spare parts required.

The Omet presses of a certain tonnage will be equipped with the latest PL  Siemens S1500 which, combined with HMI Siemens, offers the operator a better visual experiences.
Finally even if late we wish you a “ happy 2019”!

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