OMET PRESSES is 40 years old, since 1979 on the market with passion

1979/2019 : on  the fortieth anniversary of its foundation, we retrace step by step the story of Omet Presses up to today’s excellence.

Every company is made up mostly of people and Omet Presses was born from the passion of three men for their work: the brothers Pio and Piero Tacconi together with Giuseppe Romagnoli.

Experts in the metalworking sector and former employees of Canullo, a large manifacturing  company.

In the centre of Italy, the Tacconi brothers and Giuseppe Romagnoli decided to set up their own business and produce only special presses.

1979: production begins

The goal of the new company was clear right away: the machines had to be solid and precise

Passion and attention to details were the key to everything.

Piero Tacconi the last founders to stay in the company remembers joyfully the first periods of activity : “When the company was founded, we had a small factory hall near the current site. Although it was 4 meters high, we could still build the first presses up to 160 tons!”

Despite the initial difficulties Omet managed to produce the first machines thanks to the enthusiasm and ability of the founding  members. “The machines differed for their robustness, quality and simple lines” Piero Tacconi adds.

omet presses 40th anniversary

From the first presses to the conquest of the market

The first presses, built on specific request, were used for the sintering and for the molding of the components of the extractor hoods.

The growth was constant over the years and bigger and bigger machines were built in the workshop.

In 1990 the current site was built, at Sforzacosta, near Macerata: there the first double-sided presses of 400 tons were produced.

Those machines allowed OMET to grow and to take part to a market where those tonnages were increasingly requested.

vintage doube sided presses omet

A new generation

Recently the new generation has taken over: the sons of Tacconi and Giuseppe Romagnoli are leading Omet with the same passion of their fathers focusing on technology and investing in research and development.

The result of this new corporate course was the Link Drive kinematics, applied for the first time on a 500 ton press. 

The periods of crisis have been faced and overcome with tenacity and investing in innovation ,to adapt to market demands and to produce innovative machines.

In the following years our choice has been repaid when we presented the results of our commitment on the market: more and more robust machines with cutting-edge technological solutions were appreciated by even the most demanding customers.

omet presses

From the centre of Italy to Europe

Pio Tacconi had a dream: to open the first Omet Presses branch abroad. Unfortunately he couldn’t see his dream come true. In fact Omet Poland was born in 2013, only one year after his death.

It was our first branch abroad, the result of the difficulties and challenges faced from 1979 until today.

The Polish branch continues to grow year after year, supporting our customers from the sale of the presses produced in Italy to both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

omet poland

People first... then the machines

With this short story of our company we wanted to show you who is really behind our brand: a group of people who are committed every day to meet customer request and who shares the values that have led our company to the success in Italy and in Europe.

A close-knit team that has guaranteed reliability for 40 years, looking at the future with optimism.

People, not machines or simply numbers are behind Omet brand: that is our strength!

founders of Omet presses
From left: Piero Tacconi, Giuseppe Romagnoli, Pio Tacconi, founding partners Omet Presse

Since 1979 production and sales of eccentric presses. Services of technical assistance and regeneration of used machinery. Italy and Poland. P.IVA 00390410439

P.IVA 00390410439


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