200 ton hydraulic press: the first H-series produced

A few day ago we finished the construction and testing of the first H-series. As the abbreviation suggests, it is an hydraulic press which will be used for drawing work in the cooking sector.

Below we show you the technical characteristics of the machine:

-tonnage 200

-distance bed to ram at the T.D.C.:  750 (mm)

-speed of fast approach: 300 (mm)

- working speed under pressure : 2/42 (mm/sec)

-return speed : 40-390 (mm/sec)

 200 ton hydraulic  press

The first H-series in 2019

The first hydraulic press with its new layout was delivered a few days ago.

Aesthetic updates together with a more linear design than in the past and the use of low environmental impact paints are evident.The choice of colors was made according to  the current legislation.

From the producer to the customer

The control carried out from the design phase up to the delivery to the customer made it possible to follow and supervise the machine up to the installation.

Our technicians have organized training courses for a correct use of the machine to avoid the risk of accidents at work caused by the wrong use of the press.


omet presses staff

The hydraulic system

It has been positioned on the ground and is composed of a variable displacement pump for the movement of the thrust cylinder, of a group for the driving of the valves and of a chiller and filtering unit ( this device is autonomous  and does not require connections to external networks).

Through the control panel it is possible to manage the pump obtaining different speed and strength.

A taylor-made software

The press has a software developed with the customer according  to his needs and company infrastructure.

It guarantees the communication with the press and permits the measurements of important parameters for the customer, who can both read production data and check if the machine works properly.

200 ton hydraulic  press

An even deeper control

OMET target is to implement important control solutions on his presses, trying to go beyond the 4.0. As anticipated in recent months, these solutions are in development but we are going to implement them on our machines very soon.

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