C-Frame Presses

C-frame presses are machines with a “C” shaped structure commonly used for small/ medium seized processes.

If properly maintained, these presses guarantee a duration of several decades and represent an excellent investment for companies. 

How the C-Frame presses works

The operation of the machine is traditional and rather simple : in fact it is based on the accumulation of kinetic energy created by flywheel rotated by  the electric motor through trapezoidal rubber belts.

The flywheel by a brake/clutch system transmits the motion to the moving part of the machine ( slide) through a transmission system composed of a chain of reduction n gears setting in motion a connecting rod that gives the club an alternative rectilinear motion

How the swan neck presses are composed 

This type of presses are composed by the following functional parts:

  •             Body
  •  Ram
  •  Working-table
  •  Brake-clutch system
  • Transmission unit
  • Balancing cylinder
  • Lubrification system
  • Pneumatic system
  • Electrical panel

swan neck presses
OMET has started to build this type of presses before producing double-sided presses: the goal of the production was to offer the customer robust, heavy and durable machines

The C Series

The new generation, that for some years has been running the company, pursues the same  goals.

From the beginning of 2019 the swan-neck presses of the C-Series line are built to last and even for smaller tonnages the used technology and engineering solutions are the most modern.

Thanks to the consulting service we offer our customers, we are able to design and build presses that are perfectly suited to the customers’ requests and the use for which are intended.

The presses can be built with a tonnage ranging from 25 to 250 equipped with flywheel or back geared mechanisms. The first type, having the central part for actuating the connecting rod directly on the high speed shaft on which the flywheel is mounted, allows high processing  speeds suitable for shearing operations.

The second type, thanks to the reduction realized through pinion and toothed wheel, are characterized by reduced speed and can therefore be also used in not too deep drawing works.

c frame presses

Tilting structure

The C-Series presses can be also built with a structure inclined up to 37 degrees to be used in particular processing and to facilitate the evacuation of waste. Depending on the size, the inclination can be hydraulic or mechanical. These particular machines are widely used in the production of metal boxes and tin cans.

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