A new 300 ton press for household appliances industry

In the last few months we have built  a new 300 ton mechanical press for a multinational company operating in the appliance industry.

Before showing you in more details its peculiarities ,listed below find its technical characteristics:

  • Press thrust : 3000 (kn)
  • Working table dimension: 2200x1300 (mm)
  • Stroke: 400 mm
  • Variable speed: from 10 to 30 ( strokes per minute)
  • Maximum height of the closed mold : 700 (mm)


Fast set-up

The company in fact needed to reduce the time required to set up the machine as much as possible at each mold change.

We have thus created a software based on connectors and on programs already saved in the machine: in the latter all the working parameters of each mold are inserted and the connectors can immediately recognize which mold it is.

In this way when the connectors are connected , the press automatically makes the necessary adjustments for the required processing. The time taken for this operation is reduced by 30%.

300 ton press for household appliances industry

Operator recognition 

The press is equipped with an operator identification system using a key in an access point; only some operators can change the machine settings and have access to various levels of use.


Fast mold change

some special loading shelves and hydraulic bars have been mounted on the machine to make it easier the handling of the molds.

They are activated by the operational functions of the  Siemens touch screen: a choice made not only for speed in operating but also for security 


Vibration sound insulation 

Exceptional anti-vibration mountings have been chosen for the 300 ton press: they must prevent the vibrations produced by the press from spreading to the other nearby machines which may not work correctly.

Advanced interface

The HMI is produced by Siemens, supplier of OMET Presse for many years now.

The interface is the keystone of the whole system described above: it guarantees both quality for the operator on the machine and an immediate response “input”.

The response time is not affected by the dust and dirt that can accumulate on the display.


300 ton press for household appliances industry

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