Spare parts for presses always available

When you decide to invest in a new machine to improve your production capacity, you evaluate some important parameters.

One of these parameters is to rely on a supplier that always has spare parts in a short time .

This is a competitive advantage both for us and for the customer who chooses our company.

A warehouse always supplied with spare parts for presses

In our factory in Macerata an entire sector is occupied by the warehouse from which we pick up parts both for the construction of new presses , so as to speed up the assembly, and for the timely supply of spare parts to our customers.

spare parts for presses

The speed with which a press is assembled guarantees shorter delivery times and this is an important reason for customers in choosing a supplier to install a new machinery.

In addition to this, the fact of having spare parts in stock ready to be shipped is an added value to our  after-sale service.

The customers who contact us will quickly find the spare part they need and will be able to evaluate an installation independently or set an appointment for an OMET technician intervention.

spare parts for presses

Rebuilt spare parts for presses.

Our company does not  supply only new spare parts. In fact, as the machines last a long time, many customers find it difficult to get spare parts for presses built with a rather dated technology.

Thanks to our many years of  experience in the construction of presses, we know that, if properly controlled, a machine  can last tens of years.

Actually we rebuild spare parts with preventive analysis in order to guarantee the optimal functioning of the assembled piece.

In this phase it is necessary to evaluate the wear also of the other pieces mechanically linked to the replaced piece. That is an important shrewdness to avoid serious damages, soon after the press is put into operation.

If you want to contact us for a new or rebuilt spare part, please fill out this form

spare parts for presses

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