Press maintenance becomes custom-made

Each maintenance request has its specific solution.

This is why we also manage press maintenance looking for a solution for every situation.

The long experience of our technical teams allows them  to intervene effectively on all presses, even those not built by our company

This helps the customer to more easily manage the control operation  of the production phases entrusting it to a single supplier.

From this moment on you can choose which intervention is the best suited to your needs.

Preventive maintenance: it is recommended for those who want to avoid the risk of sudden failures.

press maintenance

You can call us for : 

Planned Interventions

During the year we take care of your production departments performing periodic check-ups to check parameters such as:

  • parallelism between working table and ram
  • efficiency of lubrification
  • oil leakage
  • check the brake-clutch assembly brake linings
  • control of screw play and bat driving and many other parameters.

press maintenance

Everything is recorded on special paper or digital press cards provided to you.

Interventions on call

All the checks carried out on the maintenance of presses are also carried  out if the customers want to rely on us to control one or more machines in their plants.

Interventions for breakages or malfunctions

We intervene for malfunctions whose cause is unknown or for which one or more  components must be repaired or replaced with new or rebuilt parts.

How press maintenance operations take place.

On site

If possible some jobs are carried out directly at customers’ plants in order to speed up the repair.


If it is a particularly serious machine break and re-assembly is complex, all the parts affected by the fault are disassembled and transferred to our factory where the technicians will examine them carefully to restore  and reassemble them again.

All the interventions described above can be performed both on mechanical  and hydraulic presses, even if they are  not of our production, we want to repeat it.

Click here please and fill out the form, if you want to request a quote for an intervention

press maintenance

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P.IVA 00390410439


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