Supply of complete moulding plant with requirements Industry 4.0

A few days ago a whole moulding plant was delivered to one of our historical clients.

His main goal is to extend the business’ activities through the diversification of the production materials with the support of the moulding system designed by OMET.

Below you can find the main technical features of the press:

  • Press: 500 [t]
  • Link drive
  • Working table dimensions: 2600x1400 [mm]
  • Stroke: 300 [mm]
  • Maximum height of the closed mold: 700 [mm]

And technical characteristics of the feeding line:

  • Maximum strip width: 900 [mm]
  • Processable thickness: from 3 [mm] to 8 [mm]
  • Decoiler


Our client decided to make a significant investment by purchasing the OMET machine.

Our press, in fact, ticks all the boxes: it offers clear certainties on the making of new, lasting procedures and it is equipped with a state-of-the-art working system that meets the new requirements of the so-called Industry 4.0.

complete moulding plant by omet

Cinematism Link Drive

The link drive is a particular cinematism that brings considerable advantages in cutting, deforming and deep drawing processes. The low speed in the last part leads to less risks in terms of creases and rips, less mold wear and reduced noise.


This mechanism allows our presses to be particularly appealing in the market - even for those processes that once were exclusive prerogative of hydraulic presses.


One hmi to control line and press

A single HMI has been set to ease the use of the complete plant and streamline the communication process between the press and the feeding line.


Through the usage of a single intuitive interface, the operator can not only execute the setting with very short times but he can also manage the entire working cycle by adjusting all the parameters.


A complete solution to meet the customer’s technical and aesthetic needs

Our product aims to offer the best possible service within the shortest possible time.

After consulting the customers’ guidelines, our technical team adopts engineering solutions that tend to maximise our customer’s satisfaction.


In the making of the presses, we also pay considerable attention to the aesthetics of our machines as shown by our buyers’ appreciations of the most recent innovations.



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