Sale of used presses

At Omet the sales service of used presses is always active, thanks to regeneration operations both on own production presses and presses of other brands.

Within the last month our operational team at Omet has taken care of the overhaul and regeneration of a 160 tons Cotelli press with supply and connection of a new strip feeding line that is going to be supplied to one of our most relevant foreign client.
In addition to the design and production of mechanical and hydraulic presses and maintenance and overhaul services, we also sell used presses.

used presses

After being purchased, the presses are carefully regenerated and overhauled by our technicians who can carry out any type of processing.

Overhaul and regeneration operations performed on the Cotelli press

The complex process of regeneration and reconditioning specifically involves the following steps:      

  • Disassembly and cleaning of all components.
  • Control of the components of the fast shaft-flywheel-clutch  unit with repair and replacement operations.
  • Verification of the status and correct operation of the eccentric axis with consequent adjustments and replacement of the oil seal.
  • Examination of the condition of the parts belonging to the ram adjustment group  with repair and replacement.
  • Verification of the correct coupling of the connecting rod and the head bronze and control of its gap with eccentric shaft.
  • Revision of balancing cylinders. 
  • Replacement of engine bearings. 
  • Elimination of grease lubrication plant and construction of new oil plant.
  • Pneumatic system remaking.


Construction of a new control panel with Siemens plc and pilz modules and electrical wiring harness on the machine

  • Press painting with new colours.
  • Design and construction of a new electrowelded slide from the existing sample.
  • Reassembly of all components on the press, ignition and no load test.
  • Dimensioning and application of a new hydraulic protection plant against crawling and overloading.


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