The regeneration work of an Omet 400t model press is finished


The Omet 400T regeneration work is finished: the machine has left our workshop to continue its sheet metal stamping activity.


Innovation in sheet metal forming

Despite the advent of covid19, sheet metal processing in metalworking sector  has been steadily increasing in recent years. One of the reasons is that there is a growing awareness of the benefits they can bring in terms of structural efficiency, environmental sustainability and cost reduction. 

For example in automotive, with which Omet has been working for more than 40 years, various standards have come into force regarding safety and emission reduction. A key factor influencing these parameters is the use of ever thinner and lighter steels.

Cold stamping of sheet metal makes it possible to obtain components of high lightness and quality, as it maintains all the mechanical and strength characteristics of the materials. A further advantage is that finished or semi-finished products can be obtained with extreme speed and precision.


What is regeneration?

One of the services provided by Omet is the regeneration of presses. Regenerating a press is always a valid choise, thanks to the quality of the final result.

The regeneration of a press is a service that allows you to reuse a machine worn out over time and make it as good as new. Depending on the condition of the machine, it’s possible to have a partial or total remanufactoring.. The remanufacturing process consists of several steps that must be followed precisely. A high degree of specialisation is required to overhaul a press.

Thanks to decades of experience in the sector, Omet is able to carry out complete regeneration on any type of press, according to customer requirements.


The characteristics of the press

The latest remanufacturing job was for an Omet 400-ton press. The press, after being overhauled, left our factory to reach the final customer.

The press was equipped with all the hardware and software to make it suitable for Industry 4.0 requirements.

The OMET 400t press is a mechanical type with a modular structure with two uprights and two connecting rods. It has the following technical characteristics:

- Nominal thrust: 4000 kN

- Strokes per minute: 25-50

- Fixed stroke: 400 mm

- Working table dimensions: 2500x1500 mm

- Mould height when closed: 920 mm


Regeneration phases

As mentioned above, the overhaul process of a used machine has several stages. Let's find out together:

- Dismantling: the press has been disassembled, cleaned and the condition of each component has been checked.

- Painting: the press was subjected to the painting process.

- Mechanical replacements: as far as the mechanical part is concerned, the work included the replacement of some components of the kinematic chain such as: eccentric gears, connecting rods, bushings, intermediate shafts and bearings.

- System replacement: the overhaul was also carried out on the systems part, with the rebuilding of the pneumatic system, the lubrication system and the electrical system.

- Assembly: the next step was to reassemble all the components in the various parts of the structure and then we proceed to the operation of setting them up

- Phase adjustment: thanks to the application of a locking device on one of the two intermediate shafts, it was then possible to proceed with the synchronisation of the two counter-rotating eccentrics.

- Final testing: the press was run for several consecutive hours in order to check that it was working properly before it was put into final use.


After we had ascertained that the press was ready, it was dismantled again to be loaded into vehicles and transported to the customer.


Since 1979 we have been engaged in the design and construction of eccentric presses, service and remanufacturing, at our plants in Italy and Poland.


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