Mechanical Presses

The Mechanical Presses are machinery in which the slide is driven by an eccentric gear, an eccentric cam, toggle, mechanical means, as opposed to fluids or other mean.

They are divided into flat presses or with reciprocating movement and rotary presses or roller.

The flat presses exploit the energy of a flywheel, set in rotation by an electric motor, for moving the slide o mazza through one or more connecting rods. 

They are gaining more and more market the so-called servo presses, mechanical presses without flywheel in which one or more brushless motors are connected directly or through gears to the drive shaft and therefore to the kinematics of the press. 

The use of such a type of press allows greater versatility connected to the possibility to vary the stroke of the slide during the production, thanks to the fact that these engines allow rapid changes of direction of motion. 

The servo presses, if equipped with force sensors, are widely used in assembly applications where process monitoring is required.


The Omet Press Company buids mechanical presses with:

  1. C-frame presses (til a 250 ton)

    • 1/2 connecting rods

  2. Double-sided structure (from 160 ato 1200 ton)

    • monolithic or modular

    • 2/4 connecting rods


Mechanical presses are available with the following outfit:

  • variable speed

  • variable stroke: manual, semiautomatic, automatic

  • hydraulic safety device against blocks and overload

  • manual or motorized ram adjustment

  • hold-down clamp

  • mobile carriage

  • interpolated protection panels or optoelectronic light curtains

  • clamps for molds mounting and molds lifting bars/slider bars 

  • anti-vibration mounting

  • articulated kinematic system

  • PLC siemens

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P.IVA 00390410439


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