Mechanical Presses are machines in which the slide is driven by an eccentric gear, an eccentric cam, toggle kinematic mechanisms, mechanical means, as opposed to fluids or other means. They are divided into flatbed presses or with reciprocating movement and rotary or roller presses. The flatbed presses exploit the energy of a flywheel, placed in rotation by an electric motor, to move the slide or ram through one or more connecting rods. The so-called servo presses, mechanical presses without flywheel in which one or more brushless motors are directly or through gears connected to the drive shaft and then to the kinematics of the press, are gaining more and more market. The use of such a type of press allows greater versatility connected to the possibility of varying the travel of the slide during production, thanks to the fact that these motors allow rapid changes in direction of motion
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The hydraulic presses are machines suitable for drawing operations.
In the standard versions, they can be of the following types:
  • Double upright structure (from 160 to 400 tons), monolithic or modular 
  • C structure (from 10 to 250)
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Swan-neck presses are small and medium-sized machines (from 250 to 3500 KN).
Their uprights or housing have a "C" shape that allows access from both ends to the work area.
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Double sided presses are mechanical presses with vertical uprights or housings having flat and smooth (usually vertical) sides that enclose the left and right sides of the mold space slides. They are robust machines, with an essential line, with high structural rigidity associated with generous dimensions of the worktops and of the passages between the uprights.
They can have monolithic or modular structure, from 800KN to 10.000KN.
These presses are suitable for molding and blanking operations even with decentralized loads.
Depending on the characteristics of the kinematism they are distinguished in:
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