Regeneration of used machinery

Thanks to the expertise gained over the last few decades, OMET is able to offer a complete service of second hand regeneration, both on presses of its own production and on presses of other brands.

The regeneration process consists of various processes:


• dismantling of all components and checking their status

• repair or rebuild from scratch of damaged components

• adaptation or renovation of the hydraulic system

• adjustment of the slide guides

• adjustment of the worktop and the slide plane

• checking the condition of the brake / clutch assembly and replacing the seals and gaskets

• double body electro-valve check and its replacement, if necessary

• seals status check and possible replacement

• check status of electrical wiring and possible replacement

• adjustment of the electrical panel by applying PLCs and / or modules for managing security functions

• replacement, if necessary, of the electrical panel

• checking the adequacy of the safety devices and the possible replacement / application of optoelectronic barriers, interpolated protection panels, anti-slip devices, etc ...

• painting


The company also performs tailored regeneration work, adapting the used to the customer's needs.

Thanks to the regeneration process, the company has a previously used machine park, visible on the regenerated used sales page, products that are sold with the documentation required by current regulations

Since 1979 production and sales of eccentric presses. Services of technical assistance and regeneration of used machinery. Italy and Poland. P.IVA 00390410439

P.IVA 00390410439


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