Technical assistance and maintenance of the presses

Technical assistance and maintenance of the presses are certainly the strengths of our company.

We carry out preventive and extraordinary maintenance operations all over the world, both through our technicians and local workers trained and supervised by the company. 

Our maintenance service consists of: 

  • The possibility of operating on all types of presses
  • Fast and guaranteed times of operations
  • The possibility of quickly rebuilding spare parts of any kind
  • Technical support in the design of substantial mechanical modifications 
  • Our professionalism and competence deriving from over forty years of experience 

In the technical assistance service we try to find the most specific solution for that problem in order to perform a correct and accurate repair.

That is why we have recently improved our after-sale service giving our customers the opportunity to choose the type of intervention that best suits their situation.

preventive maintenance operations of presses

Preventive maintenance operations of presses

for the customers who want to reduce accidental failures that may cause the interruption of the production cycle.

  •  Periodic Check-ups: the operations during the years are scheduled through periodic check-ups in which our technicians test different parameters of the machine such as the lubrication, the brake clutch with brake linings, mechanical backlash and parallelism between working table and ram. In this way we certify the good condition of the press.  
  •  Following customer’s call: If we intervene following customer’s call, the same controls described above are also performed during a single  annual operation of our technical staff  on one or more machinery of the plant.

Breakages or malfunctions

If malfunctions in the machine operation due to broken or damaged components are reported, our technicians are able to reach our customers in an average time of 48 hours.

Repairs can take place:

On site : if conditions permit, we try to complete the repair directly at the customer’s facility,  in order to shorten the time of our repair.

In OMET: if the damage is quite serious, the parts to be replaced are disassembled and transported to our factory.After the parts have been repaired and carefully checked, they are fitted back into the machine. We remind you that these repair operations are carried out on presses  also not of our production, both hydraulic and mechanical presses.

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Since 1979 production and sales of eccentric presses. Services of technical assistance and regeneration of used machinery. Italy and Poland. P.IVA 00390410439

P.IVA 00390410439


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